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In Which We Discuss Money and Lawn Mowing

Every successful product and service ever created in the history of forever has something in common…

From staples to condoms to apple pie to wedding cakes to mown lawns to Apple computers to the little treasure chest at the bottom of your fish tank. There’s one thing that ties these...Read the rest →


Rudolf D. Pabst

My earliest recollection of my father is him looking down at me in my crib. Actually there are earlier ones but people seem to dispatch those with incredulity.

At the time I had casts on both legs. Set in the feet of the casts were screw threads, into which went...Read the rest →


My Writing Process – How I Finished My Latest Book

Writing can be a real bitch. Some people can’t start a book or blog post. Some have trouble with the writing process itself, so spend endless time tweaking the same few paragraphs over and over. Some folks don’t know when to call it done and therefore never finish a...Read the rest →

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