Create a Tagline That Works

How to create a working tagline for your business

If I asked you to create a brand new working tagline for your business or service right now, what would you create? How would you write something meant for your special audience, that could pull in new customers? Do you even know what the heck I’m talking about?

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The Day I Discovered Integrity

The internet climate kinda sucks nowadays, what with all the hate, political diatribing, and finger-wagging going on. Election years will do that.

In response I wanted to share a fun, innocent, and true story from my early life. Complete with crying, peeing myself, and the Karate Kid.

It has nothing apparently...Read the rest →

How I started making side income with infoproducts

Today’s post is a very personal case study about how I started selling my first infoproduct. My hope is that it inspires you and gives you an idea of how easy it can actually be for us “normal-sized” folks to start making money by creating and selling awesome things...Read the rest →

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