Stop! You’re Confusing Your Customers and Turning Them Away


The look of someone who isn’t buying your stuff.

Let’s pretend for a moment that you get a lot of traffic to your site.

And let’s pretend that this is highly-targeted traffic. Meaning, your customers are looking for information or products related to the ABC niche, and your site and store is full of ABC.

This should be a match made in heaven. They’re looking for ABC and you have ABC in spades. What could possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately, lots.

And when you screw this up, you really pay the price.

  • Your site doesn’t grow
  • No one subscribes
  • Your newsletter has zero circulation
  • The majority of interested buyers bow out of the sales process before buy they anything

Now, why is this?

You’ve definitely got a problem and it is very possible that…

You’re turning highly-targeted traffic into confused traffic

One of the best ways to throw away the perfect, highly-targeted visitor is to confuse them.

They come looking for ABC.

And even though you’ve got plenty of ABC on your site, you’ve also got Y all over the place. And Z. And you’ve got ABC in blue and ABC in pink.

And then there’s your sidebar which has even more options (read: distractions). You’ve even got ads for totally unrelated things like web hosting, ‘cause who doesn’t have those?

And why not, right? You figure, “Well, shit, I know about and use these other things, so I might as well show it off.”

No. Show them ABC.

Why this is confusing

Let’s pretend that people suck at making decisions. That’s not necessarily true, but let’s pretend for a moment that it is.

Sally comes to your site and is just about buy something. But out of the corner of her eye, she sees Some Other Thing in your sidebar and gets distracted. Her desire to buy is diminished a bit.

She looks at that Other Thing which distracted her and gets a bit confused. Is she supposed to be buying that Other Thing or the thing she originally wanted?

She doesn’t know if that other thing is a better purchase. And on top of that, she wonders why you’re showing it to her. In a sense, it invalidates the decision she’s already made.

After a bit she decides she doesn’t want either and bails out. Why? Because being unable to make a decision sucks and causes discomfort, which is avoidable by making no decision at all.

Think of your site like a conversation.

If you’re in a conversation with someone and they ask you about horses, you tell them you like horses, or that horses smell or something horse-related.

But if they ask about horses and you tell them you just tiled your bathroom and like rockets, they’re going to think you’re a crackhead and walk away.

It’s just like that on your site. When you’re trying to sell people ABC, show them ABC. Don’t start a different conversation or enter variables in. Even if, to you, the variables are unimportant, to them the variables are dispersants. That means it takes their attention, which was on your product, and puts it elsewhere.

Don’t confuse your customers. Not even a little.

Now, next week we’re going to get into some actual techniques which will help you NOT confuse your customers. Even better, we’ll talk specifics about how to make the buying decision obvious and actually strengthen your customer’s resolve to buy.

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  1. Natalie Lago

    Hi, Charlie:

    Contacted you last August via email about website consulting, a service you mentioned your were considering to enter at that time. Shortly after making a commitment to the owner of a local small design company, who also designed our logo, to build 2 websites for us, I stumbled across your informative website & immediately regretted my decision. And, that’s why I contacted you about consulting services. My husband & I are in business 8 years now without a website…this is pitiful. The website projects will be started soon and I wanted to touch base with you to learn if you’ve added consulting services to your business. I enjoyed reading “Stop! You’re Confusing Your Customers;” it was very informative.
    Best regards,
    Natalie Lago
    Granite Countertop Experts, LLC

    • Charlie

      Hi Natalie!

      Sounds good…I’ll contact you via email and we’ll get things rolling.




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