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“Dude – this site blows me away. I’ve been trying to find a business blog that can help me down the Path to Awesome without straining my eyeball-rolling muscles.”
– Nicole

My weekly newsletter is to help you get more enjoyment and profit out of what you do. Including being alive…which is hopefully something you count amongst your current skills. This isn’t another cool-headed, corporate newsletter. It’s raw, personal, and hopefully will be a little spark of life in your week.

You will learn about creativity, passion, making more money, and enjoying your journey…wherever you’re headed. I’m sure some design chatter will sneak through from time to time, as will advice on writing.

Expect articles about:

  • Creating products people love to buy
  • Running your business instead of your business running you
  • Blazing your way across the internet with your unique personality
  • Removing actions, mindsets, and habits that take their toll on your life and bank balance

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