Tired of needing advice? Here’s one way to stop it forever.

These are the questions that plague us.

“Should I start a business?”

“Should I write a book about that?”

“Should I try to sell my paintings?”

Of course the answer is: Yes, if you want to.

And you probably DO want to, else you wouldn’t have asked the question.

It doesn’t even warrant discussion. But then it gets “discussed” anyway:

“But what if I fail?”

“What if I lose money?”

“What if it doesn’t work?”

Nah. Forget that “What If” garbage.

It doesn’t matter What If.

You’re gonna find out What If once you get started, and not a moment sooner.

If you don’t get started you’ll never know. You’ll never know if your book would have sold a zillion copies. You’ll never know if people will like your paintings. You’ll never know if you’ll “make it” in music. Or show biz or whatever.

You will never ever ever find out what’s going to happen unless you start in that particular direction. You have to walk towards Point B to find out what the trail is going to be like and what you’re going to think about it.

You cannot figure this out with research. You cannot figure it out by looking at case studies. You can only find out what happens on the trail by getting on it and starting to move.

And then you’ll know. Better yet, you’ll know it by first-hand experience.

Those who don’t do…need advice.

But what if you don’t start, don’t get on the path?

From that point on, from the moment you fail to start, you’ll need advice.

“Do you think I should do it?”

“Should I try it?”

“What do you think about…?”

You’ll keep having to bounce your ideas off of other people until you sack-up enough to just do it already.

And of course some folks will say yes, some will say no, and you’ll be no further along.

No matter how much advice you get, you’ll never know until you start.

So just do it already.

And now I’ll leave you with some advice

I think of advice I’ve gotten over the years, some solicited and some not.

The least favorite was probably, “Go to college. You need to have a backup plan.” My dad was right when he said this. You do need a Backup Plan. But neither of us realized at the time that Backup Plans and Real Plans are almost exactly the same. The only difference between them is that if you fail at the Real Plan, you try even harder. Thanks, Pop.

The best advice was also from my father. We were on the phone talking about whether I should quit my comfy corporate job, something we’d been discussing for right around, oh…you know…three years.

At the end of the conversation I said, “I don’t know what to do.”

He laughed and said, “You just keep on saying that and we’ll keep on having this discussion. If anyone knows what you should be doing, it’s you. Just do it. We’re behind you all the way.”

And I did it.

And then I found out.

Thanks again, Pop.

And you?

What are you waiting for? If you’re waiting for someone to tell you “yes,” what would they be saying yes to?

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  1. I love this one, Charlie. I heard you talking about this on CoachRadio.tv as well, during your interview.

    And it’s so true. I’m in the pre-leap stages myself, getting ready to get my own business finally rolling. And there is so much junk I feel I need to ask people, and so much junk that seems worrisome.

    But the simplicity of it is I just need to find clients who want what I do. That’s it. Everything else is secondary.

    • @Cindy Lou –

      Thanks, you! Would LOVE to hear about your fledgling business. Keep us updated…but don’t ask for any advice 🙂

      Just kidding. You know I’m here for you!

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