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This is the best ebook for freelancers
I've read in a long time.
– Sandy V.

Business can be complex...but it doesn't have to be hard.

This is the anti-business book that probably should have put me out of business.

Tired of long-winded, repetitive, million-of-a-kind business books? Bored with "important business people" telling you the way to get ahead is to eat lunch with other important people? Well this might be the book you've been waiting for. I haven't had lunch with anybody.

The Human's Guide to Freelance Living is a punchy and quick-hitting guide on being yourself and making money. A foundation on building a raving client base without pandering. A treatise on conducting a fast and successful business without losing yourself in the process.

In an unapologetic, fun, punch-you-in-the-gut tone, it covers topics such as:

  • What does peeing your pants and failing utterly have to do with starting a business? Yes, I'm serious. Best book ever.
  • What are the guiding principles that ensure your business is running smoothly?
  • What does passion have to do with your income level? This will probably surprise you.
  • Is your environment helping or hindering you?
  • Why you should just stop listening to everyone. Even me.
  • The methods I use to land roughly 90% of incoming jobs.
  • Why your competitors are irrelevant and how to win in a very crowded space.
  • Two simple ways that you can actually attract money. Not make money...attract it.
  • Reasons why your morale crashes and how to fix it.
  • What do you do with deadlines? How about blown deadlines?
  • When exactly do you fit in "you time" when you're busy running a business?
  • How do you build true fans...and turn those fans into an army of friends who evangelize your business for you?
  • Why you can stop spending a fortune on marketing.
  • What does fear really mean and what does it have to do with anything?

This is in fact the working manual that launched and continues to run my small empire. If your business were an engine, this book would be all of the molten, steaming, greasy-ass bits inside.

The Book That Launched a Business…a Brief History

Back in 2008 I decided to do what people told me was "the stupidest thing ever" and start my own business. Right in the middle of a huge recession. I quit my comfy, padded job in Corporate America, complete with stock options, and rolled the dice.

I had zero clients, a terrible website, and no real prospects.

What I did have was a solid idea of how my business was going to run, how I'd treat my clients, and which things were absolutely non-negotiable. Minor things, you know, like happiness and integrity.

So, to get my name out there I decided to issue a public manifesto. A very personal, upfront, and honest account of who I am, what my business would be from that day forward, who I'd work with, and what they could expect of me.

And thus The Human's Guide to Freelance Living was born. It was written as an operating manual and reminder of...well...things we might need reminding of from time to time. (Sorry, you'll have to read the book for the rest.)

When the book went public I was scared to death. I figured it would be a bit too raw for mass consumption. Half of me figured publishing it would be my undoing. The other half of me didn't even think anyone would read it.

I was wrong on both counts. Something about the book resonated and it was passed on. Then passed on some more. 70,000+ downloads later, it has made me friends all over the world, helped me bring in clients I love, and made my business into something I can be proud of.

The Human's Guide to Freelance Living is a sort of spiritual, day-to-day operating manual for work and life.

I wrote it for you. And I wrote it for myself. Because sometimes we forget.

Did I mention it's illustrated?

Who doesn't like a book with pictures?! Nobody, that's who!

Pictures make things memorable and are just good ol' time. That's why each chapter of the book has a unique illustration to capture its essence, make you think, and possibly even put a smile on your face bones.

From the Don't Listen to Authority chapter, here's a sample illustration of Hitler gettin' the business...

At $12 the book is a steal. You'd pay that much for a couple boxes of lousy sugar cereal. But my book won't give you cavities or cost you $600 in dental bills. So you're actually saving yourself quite a bit of money here.

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Feedback For The First Edition

Have Questions?

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. I honestly believe this is the best freelancing book you've ever read. If you don't like it, your money will only be a reminder of my horrendous failure. Just email within 30 days and I'll send your money back when I'm finished crying.

Is this another one of those books with one simple idea that is hammered for 200 pages?

No way. This book is short, fun, not at all repetitive, and very concise. There are about 40 chapters, the longest of which is six pages. The shortest is a couple paragraphs.

If I buy this, you're going to add me to some mailing list aren't you? Email me all the time. Make me hate my life.

You will be added to a list, yes, but only because that's how the software works. But don't worry...the only thing I will ever ever email you is if I update the book someday and want to keep you in the loop.

Who did the illustrations?

I did. Unless you don't like them in which case it was someone else.

Business is supposed to be dead serious. Why on Earth did you write something funny?

Please please please for the love of God do not buy this book. You'll hate it.

Is this book really just an attempt to sell me shitty webinar software or consulting services?

Now that you mention it, time is running out! If you buy now while supplies last...Just kidding. No, dude. Nothing is for sale in the book.

If I read the book and have questions about business, life, or making a pie, can I get in touch with you?

Absolutely! My contact info is in the book. And I love hearing from people so you can ask me about anything. Well, maybe not about pie because I suck at baking.

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In late 2008 I started a one-man design company. Aside from having average design skills, I had no business training whatsoever. Any search for meaningful, helpful advice turned up the usual results: Google AdSense, tax documents, very expensive courses on internet marketing, how to make money from home breeding chihuahuas.

On top of that, internet business was beginning to look a lot like it does now. Skeazy marketing folks were busy promoting each other's identical products, and getting ahead meant gaming the system.

I wasn't interested in doing business this way.

I wanted to succeed but I didn't know anybody. Plus I'm the quiet introvert type, so pandering to A-listers and getting my name on all the right sites held no appeal.

Honestly, I just wanted to be left alone to design shit for awesome people.

I stopped searching Google for advice. I stopped trying to "prepare myself for business" with busy admin work. I stopped doing everything that wasn't going to get me new clients or make me money. I decided I would do business my way or not at all. I would simply start helping people the best I could.

This book is a glimpse into how I did it. And it's a pretty solid backbone for how you can do it, too.

Charlie Pabst

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